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Roach Busters Pest Control gets rid of all kinds of nuisance pests in your Kenner, Louisiana home. The Southeastern U.S.’ warm climate means bugs live longer and are more likely to sneak their way in, but our experienced pest control experts will solve your pest problem for good. We offer $50 off any new pest control contract with us.


There are five different common breeds of roaches that can infest your home. Their job in nature is to recycle decaying organic material, and they are found in waste deposits and kitchens where spoiled food is present. You may here a clicking or chirping noise when roaches are present, and they emit an unpleasant odor. Roach Busters Pest Control removes these shudder-inducing bugs by reducing cockroach attractants, finding the entry point for the cockroaches, and sealing up any cracks and opening that may be allowing the roaches to come in. Then removal methods such as glue boards, baits, and residuals are used to get rid of the roaches, depending on which method will work for the home and the situation.


Both roof and Norway rats can be a problem in your home. Roof rats are smaller with smooth fur. They like to nest in piles of garbage or wood and hide in upper parts of buildings. They also reproduce quickly. If you see one rat, there may be more, but without actually seeing the pests, signs of infestation are droppings, grease marks on the walls, and nests. Norway rats are larger with rough fur and infestation signs include gnaw marks on food and utility lines, and droppings. If you see a rat during the day, your infestation is probably large. By using traps and toxic baits, we can get rid of rats quickly. Expert application is needed to ensure effectiveness and safety.


Mice are smaller than rats and enjoy nesting in warm places such as homes during the winter. They seek any gap they can fit in to sneak into your home. In addition to the signs you see with rats, mice also leave footprints, make noise, and have a strong odor. Roach Busters Pest Control not only get rid of the mice that are there now, but look for ways to prevent their return. We may need to make multiple visits, using traps and poison to get rid of the rats.


There are many types of spiders, some poisonous and some not, but all spiders are a nuisance in your home. They like moisture in basements and crawl spaces. If you see several webs, you will soon see the spider itself and some spiders create burrows. We look for other insects in and around your home that may be attracting them and will remove them as well. Glue traps and sprays can remove spiders, along with physically crushing and removing them in some cases, depending on how many there are.


Pets and dirty furniture often bring in fleas. They are parasites who attach themselves to other creatures. Some signs of flea infestation include your pets scratching and cleaning themselves often, itchy bites on your skin, and flea dirt that looks like black pepper. We advise you to first remove fleas from your pets with the proper treatments; then call us to remove them chemically and physically form your home. Roach Busters Pest Control will educate you on how to prevent future incursions.


Ants will take any type of human food they can find because it is easier than hunting for it. They often come in when they see food outside near the house and follow a scent trail into the home to look for more. There are 15 common species of ants, so we begin by identifying which type is in your home to affectively remove it. We also look for eggs and get rid of them to avoid more infestation. You will see the ants themselves in large groups. Sprays and traps can be effective, along with treatments that penetrate and destroy the nests.


Silverfish are teardrop shaped and bluish silver or brown in color. Silverfish like carbohydrates and will east cellulose, shampoos, glue, linen, silk, and dead insects. Signs of infestation include finding a silverfish in the sink or bathtub and pepper-like feces. We will come up with effective methods of removing them that are customized for your home.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs require a special set of extermination techniques that we are fully prepared to apply. Bed bugs multiply quickly, so the earlier they are detected, the better. We begin by inspecting your home and find all of them. The signs we look for include live and dead bugs, casts of skin, small reddish-black fecal matter, and tiny eggs. After the inspection, we will recommend the next course of action that will prevent breeding, biting, and more bed bugs from entering your home. It may take up to four visits to fully remove them. We may also follow up with monitoring to ensure they don’t return. All of our pest services are guaranteed, so you won’t lose out if additional service is needed.

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