Prevent, Remove, And Avoid The Return Of Termites

Roach Busters Pest Control also removes termites from your home. The techniques used to remove termites are different than those used for other bugs and more extensive. Termites can potentially destroy the entire structure of your home, as they damage wood and other building materials. The ideal combination of warmth, moisture, and food can set you up for a termite attack. If you don’t protect against termite damage, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damage. Don’t let these pests hurt your chances of selling your home in the future. We work to prevent, remove, and avoid the return of termite as well as repair damage as needed. We inspect your home to evaluate the damage or potential termite attracting elements.

Our solutions work on the inside, outside, and foundation of the home to provide a protective area. Our flow meters record the amount of termiticide used to deliver the precise amount needed. There are foams, bait, and chemicals used, depending on the individual home.

Roach Busters Pest Control uses Termidor, America's number one defense against termites. Termidor is a termiteicide that is specialized for many species of termites. It uses a non-repellant liquid the termites can’t detect and when they come into contact with it or ingest it, it kills them. There is no better product out there for termite removal.

We also use Premise, an in-ground treatment for foundations to prevent termite infestation and treat localized areas of activity. It is odorless and remains effective for a long time. When one termite ingests the substance, it transfers it to other termites, which will kill off the colony.

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